Courtney Marie Andrews - Honest Life

At just 16 years old, Courtney Marie Andrews left home in Arizona for her first tour. She traveled up and down the West Coast, busking and playing any bars or cafés that would have her. Soon after, she took a Greyhound bus four nights straight from Phoenix to New York to do the same on the East Coast. For a decade or so since, Courtney’s been a session and backup singer and guitarist for nearly 40 artists, from Jimmy Eat World to Damien Jurado. She never stopped writing her own material, though. Picking up admirers like Jurado and Ryan Adams along the way, she has quietly earned a reputation as a songwriter’s songwriter.


With plans to settle down for a bit and focus on her own songs, Courtney moved to the Northwest in 2011 to record her last full-length record On My Page. However, the record had hardly been released before she was on the road again performing other artists’ songs, eventually leading her overseas to play guitar and sing with Belgian star Milow. At the tour’s end, though, the other session players joined her to record her 2014 EP Leuven Letters in one take.


It was during this time that Courtney also wrote many of the songs on Honest Life. She found herself realising the impact of growing up on the road and this constant reconciling between her and other’s art and identity. Courtney will take it from there:


While in Belgium for four months, I was going through a major heartbreak. I started growing homesick for America and the comfort of family and friends, and life in the states.That’s where I wrote the first songs for Honest Life. It was a giant hurdle in my life. My first true growing pains as a woman. That’s why in a sense, I feel this record is a coming of age album. A common thread that runs through the songs, is a great desire to fit somewhere, when nowhere fits. And wanting to get back home to the people I know and love. Once I got back to the states, I started to bartend at a small town tavern. I was home for awhile, and needed to post up while rehearsing with the band for the record. At the tavern, I felt I could truly empathise with the stories and lives of the people there. I wrote the other half of the songs about coming home and feeling a sense of belonging again. A lot of the stories at that tavern definitely ran parallel with my own, even though our lives were so different. I was the “musician girl.”  They were farmers, construction workers, plumbers, waitresses, and cashiers. But, no matter how different, I felt we were all trying to live our most honest life.


Courtney produced the entire record herself at Litho Studios in Seattle with recording engineer Floyd Reitsma. Honest Life will be available on 180g turquoise LP, CD and digitally in January 2017.

“while she keeps company with some wonderful contemporary artists Andrews channels classic icons beautifully”

“This is a record that deserves some mainstream attention and should catapult Andrews up to a larger audience.”

“It’s not uncommon for a female songwriter to draw comparisons to Joni Mitchell – if you’re a woman of a certain age with a guitar and a few folk songs under your belt people try to connect the dots. What is uncommon though is to find an artist truly worthy of the association. Courtney Marie Andrews an Arizona-born songwriter who now calls Seattle home is one of those artists.”
“Andrews matches her sparkling voice with honeyed generally somber folk/country that when matched with often melancholy lyrics will give you shivers”

“Plenty of vocalists can sing with power and some can sing with convincing subtlety. There aren’t very many who can do both in the same breath. Emmylou Harris can and PJ Harvey too in a different way. Neko Case is among the very few who has developed the ability as her career has progressed. That’s rarified company for sure but it’s where Courtney Marie Andrews belongs with her latest.”
“They’re excellent songs, expertly written, but Andrews’ voice is what makes them unforgettable – elegant and deeply moving”

“a tremendous song collection”

“she sings with a purity and joy that instantly recalls The Innocence Mission’s Karen Peris or Joni Mitchell”

“Honest Life sounds like both the best sixth album and the best debut of the year.”

“an absolute beauty of an album”

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