Despite their association with kerazee cross-over comedy superstars the Mighty Boosh, Attic Thieves is perhaps unlikely to propel the Ralfe Band into the nation's living rooms like their appearances in the hit comedy.
Although everyone thinks he's American, this Kingston-On-Thames native who lives in Devon has been feted by the twang crowd for years, namely from the stomp of his Peter Bruntnell Combination back in the mid-90s, but this something of a different beast. It is hard to believe that Peter And The Murder Of Crows is Bruntnell's seventh album and his first since 2004's Played Out. Moving away from the out-and-out of yore, Bruntnell has cited his influences here as Bert Jansch and Syd Barrett. Co-written with his Canadian songwriting partner and recorded with Danny Williams on bass and guitarist Dave Little, PATMOC is deep and frequently low-key, and although reminiscent of artists such as Iron and Wine in parts, it's a deeply singular listen.