We brought you details last week about Ralfe Band's soundtrack work for the forthcoming The Bunny & The Bull feature. We can also bring you news of Oli Ralfe's next directorial work, The Journey of The Childmen. Journey of the Childmen
In this weeks newsletter (you don't subscribe!!!- sign up now to avoid missing out on more of the good stuff!) - we linked up out favorite selection of the video clips to have surfaced on the pages of youtube after the Duke & The Kings most recent trip to the UK.
Released late next month, The Bunny & The Bull is a feature length surreal comedy road-trip from Warp X Films and the makers of the The Mighty Boosh. Bunny and the Bull Spanish passions fed into the eclectic score by Ralfe Band, whose front man Oly Ralfe contributed occasional songs and cameos to ‘The Mighty Boosh’s’ radio and TV shows. (His music is described by Julian Barratt as ‘psychopathic folk-waltz music… epic and peculiar and catchy as hell’.)
OX4This weekend sees the launch of another artistic avenue for the good good folks at TRUCK. "OX4 is a celebration of the artistic talents emerging in and around the postcode of OX4. We've always dreamt about bringing that SXSW vibe to our hometown - and now we have!" It's all taking place on 10th October, 2009 - across 10 venues all situated on The Cowley Road. Danny & The Champions of the World and Ralfe Band both play the Baby Simple venue this Saturday (10/10) OX4 takes place along the entire length of 'The Cowley Road' in Oxford. Ticket info here.
logo_timesonline Going to a Handsome Family show was a bit like watching one of those vintage oddball American sitcoms. Brett and Rennie Sparks were the cranky couple at the heart of the action, bickering with easy familiarity. “Don’t mind us, we’ve been married 20 years,” Rennie told the audience. “Twenty-one years,” Brett corrected her.