Last night after a nightmare journey into the metropolis, I was privileged to attend the gospel according to The Duke and The King. It’s the only apt description of the greatest live show I have ever attended!!!! Man, my body went through every emotion – I cried like a baby to “One More American Song”, then laughed, clapped and sang along with the massive crowd to “Summer Morning Rain”. [audio:scala.mp3] - 'If You Ever Get Famous' Live at the Scala.
This week the Lantern Society celebrated there 24th Hour of broadcasting. Episode 24 recorded on 5.11.09 features an impressive debut by eight piece The Pony Collaboration, Benjamin Thomas spreading the gospel according to John Prine, Pat and Helen wielding a banjo and fiddle, Martin Ledner, with a special look at Ledner's former group The Roaring Hundreds, Hatty Longfield, and their trip into the LSRH archive uncovers a session from this year's Wood Festival with Brian from Stornoway. We caught up with Trevor Moss and asked him a couple of questions.
Danny spoke to Clash magazine about next weeks live dates with Fionn Regan, plus details of next years new album "Streets Of Our Time". Clash Stunning English songwriting team Danny And The Champions Of The World have confirmed details of their new album. Danny Wilson has a long history in music. Emigrating from Australia when he was still in nappies, the singer seems to have retained an element of sunshine in his uplifting acoustic guitar driven pop. Releasing several solo albums, Danny Wilson teamed up with a loose collective of friends to form Danny And The Champions Of The World. Releasing their debut album 18 months ago, the band have now become cult heroes. Combining stunning songwriting with great musicianship the album was initially recorded purely for fun, but went on to have a life of its own. Gaining airplay across Europe it established the band as festival favourites. Danny And The Champions Of The World are now set to return after a short break with their new album 'Streets Of Our Time'. Released via Loose Records, the album was recorded at Hill Farm Studios in Oxfordshire - the epicentre for the Truck Festival.
Robert Fisher of Willard Grant Conspiracy taped a superb session for Bandwidth Film's Bandwidth Sessions earlier in the month in Belfast. Brilliant quality, great performance, beautifully shot. Willard Grant Conspiracy - 'Vespers'
ROBERT FISHER is a big man with a big, booming baritone and big heart. His work over the past 15 years as leader of alt-country collective Willard Grant Conspiracy is one of those typical "best kept secrets". (That's my Conspiracy theory, anyway)
Uncut Willard Grant Conspiracy have always had a knack for subtle angles. Anyone privy to their live shows, from solo Robert Fisher to playing as a drummerless quartet, will feel familiar with these stately, acoustic-and-strings versions of “Soft Hand” and “Fare Thee Well”.
Q Californians re-imagine their back catalogue. A collective of up to 14 members, centered around vocalist Robert Fisher, Willard Grant Conspiracy have gone back to basics with their excellent ninth album, largely re-recordings of their own songs by a drummer-less four piece. The stark setting suits them, with Fisher's deep voice-sounding variously like Nick Cave and Johnny Cash - placed center stage. The seven-minute Preparing For the Fall sounds apocalyptic, as feedback howls around and Fisher intones, 'The Earth begins to shudder/The lightening creates a fire".